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While setting up this website and collecting information, I found a (relatively) small number of freely available sources.

In this article I will share them with you. Do you have additional sources? Let me know by using the contact form.

Free trademark information

Let us start with two projects of the Wikimedia Foundation: Wikipedia and Wikidata. They contain a lot of useful information. We help them as well, read our article How does give back to the community?

Gary Hoover collected a list of "most powerful brands", from the year 1923.

The Open Knowledge Foundation maintains a "open product" list, with an overview of all products manufactured by a certain company

Similarly, you have icecat, a worldwide unique open catalog with product data-sheets        

Lastly, you can use the data of the USPTO, including the results and conclusions from the trademark trial and appeal board This is of course only for the US market

Paid information

There are a lot of other, paid, options available: Young and Rubicam’s BrandAsset Valuator, Interbrand, and the American Customer Satisfaction Index. I will discuss them in a later article.

Do you have interesting sources you want to add? Let me know via the contact form.