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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
Adrenalin Parke-Davis Hormone epinephrin
Autocue Autocue Teleprompter
Autostrade Autostrade Highway
Bakelite Bakelite AG Plastic material
Baxter Baxter International Inc Intravenous therapy
Bazooka ? Anti-tank weapon
Bic Bic Pen
Bobcat Bobcat Company Skid-steer loader
Brassiere DeBevoise Company Bra
Burqini Aheda Zanetti Full body swimsuit
Corn Flakes Kellogg's Breakfast cereal
Durex Reckitt Benckiser Condom
Escalator Otis Elevator Co set of stairs moved up or down by electric power
Gillette Procter & Gamble Safety razor
Google Alphabet Search engine
Gore-Tex W. L. Gore and Associates Waterproof membrane
Hula hoop Wham-O Toy hoop
LP Columbia records Long-playing phonograph
Netflix Netflix Video on demand service
Onesie Gerber Products Company Bodysuit used both for babies and adults
Ping Pong Parker Brothers Table tennis
PowerPoint Microsoft Slide show presentation program
Rubik's Cube Rubik's Brand Ltd 3-D combination puzzle
Trampoline Trampoline Bouncing toy, used for recreational and competitive purposes
Tupperware Earl Tupper Plastic storage containers
Walkman Sony Corporation Personal stereo
Zoom Zoom Video communication tool
Appstore Apple Digital-only distribution platform for software
Aspirin Bayer Pain drug
Barbie Mattel Fashion doll
Bitcoin Identity unknown, known under pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto Distributed ledger technology
Black Friday Super Union Holding Shopping day the day after Thanksgiving
Botox Allergan Chemical Botulinum toxin
Cheeseburger Louis Ballast Hamburger with cheese
Clark Clark Forklift
Coke Coca-Cola Company Carbonated soft drink
Frisbee Wham-O Flying disc used as a gliding toy
iPad Apple Tablet computer
Jacuzzi Jacuzzi Hot tub
Kleenex Kimberly-Clark Facial tissue
LEGO Lego Toy bricks
Memory Stick Sony Flash memory storage device
Photoshop Adobe Systems Photo manipulation software
Plexiglas Altuglas International; Rohm & Haas (formerly) Acrylic glass
Post-it 3M Sticky note
Sharpie Newell Rubbermaid Permanent marker
Super Heroes DC Comics; Marvel Comics Superhero
Velcro Velcro Companies Hook-and-loop fastener
Viagra Pfizer Treatment for impotence
Xerox Xerox Photocopier or to make a photocopy
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