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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
Accu-Chek Roche Blood glucose monitor
Accutane Roche Acne medication
Aco Aco Drain system
AFL Australian sport league Australian Rules Football
Airfix Hornby Railways Plastic injection-moulded scale model kits
Airfryer Philips Hot air cooking device
Airshow Collins Aerospace; formerly Rockwell Collins In-flight entertainment moving map
Ajinomoto Ajinomoto Monosodium Glutamate
AK-47 Kalashnikov Concern Machine Gun
Aleve Bayer Pain Killer
Alka Seltzer Bayer Pain drug
All - out Mosquito Coil
Allen wrench Apex Tool Group, LLC Hex Tool
Amul Amul Milk powder
Ant Farm Milton Levine Formicarium
Aqua Danone Mineral water
Aqua Guard Water filter
Aqua-lung Aqua-lung Open-circuit underwater breathing set with demand valve
Armco AK Steel Holding Crash barrier, typically at both sides of a road
Artex Artex Ltd Surface coating
Astor Wafer stick
AstroTurf Monsanto Company (formerly) AstroTurf, LLC Artificial turf, typically for playing surfaces
Atari WarnerMedia Video games
Atco hut Atco Demountable building
Autan Insect repellent lotion
Auto-Tune Antares Audio Technologies Pitch correction software
Azipod ABB Ship propulsion device using a "pod"
Baggies Pactiv Corp Food storage bags
Bahco BAHCO Hand tool
Bajamaja Bajamaja Portable toilet
Bambi Bucket SEI Industries Bucket hung at a helicopter to assist firefighting
Band-Aid Johnson & Johnson Adhesive bandage
Barikan ?? Electric hair trimmers
Baycin Clothes bleatching
Baygon Insect repellent spray
Beer Nuts Beer nuts Peanut snacks
Bendix Honeywell automobile starter motor
Benzedrine Smith, Kline and French Amphetamine
Betadine Iodine solutions
BiFi Jack Link's Meat snack
Bilco Doors Bilco Revolving doors
Biliblanket GE Portable phototherapy device
Bimbo bread Grupo Bimbo Bread
Biro Société Bic Ballpoint pen
Bisleri Bisleri International Mineral water
Bisquick General Mills Instant pancake mix
Blu-Tack Bostik Reusable adhesive putty
Bodum Bodum Coffee plunger
Bom Ar ?? Spray air freshener
Bombril Bombril Steel wool
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