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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
Bondo Bondo Polyester automotive material
Boogie Board Surfing bodyboard
Borsalino Borsalino Typical wide-brimmed felt hat
Bostitch Stanley Black & Decker Stapler
Boxercise Boxercise Boxing-based group lesson
Breathalyzer Indiana University Foundation Device to test blood alcohol content
Breville Breville Sandwich press
Bridgeport Bridgeport Machines Milling machine
Brinta Brinta Breakfast porridge
Brita Brita Water filter
Brugola Officine Egidio Brugola Hex key
Bubble Wrap Sealed air Inflated cushioning
Bubbler Kohler Company Drinking fountain
Bud AB Inbev Beer
Buisman Buisman Coffee taste enhancer
Bulldog clips Brandsley Limited Spring clips
Burana Orion Pain killer
Bush Hog Bush Hog Inc. Rotary cutter
Butterscotch Parkinson Toffee
BVDs Bradley, Voorhees & Day Men's underwear
Calico ?? Plain-woven textile
California roll Specific type of sushi (raw fish dish)
Camelbak Vista Outdoor Portable water bag
Canola Rapeseed Association of Canada Rapeseed oil
Canon Canon Photocopier or to make a photocopy
Cappy The Coca-Cola Company Orange juice
Caroid The Mentholatum Company Oral hygiene tooth powder
Carte Bleue Carte Bleue Credit card
Cashpoint Lloyds Bank Automated teller machine; cash machine
Casio Casio Music keyboard
Catseye Reflecting Roadstuds Limited Reflective road signalisation
Ceefax ?? Teletext
Cellophane DuPont Transparent wrapping material made from viscose
Celluloid Alexander Parkes Transparent flammable plastic made in sheets from camphor and nitrocellulose
Central Casting Central Casting Person with stereotypical appearance
Century City Cape Town suburb
Chain gun Northrop Grumman Motor operated machine gun
Channellocks Channellock Hand tool
ChapStick Pfizer Lip balm
Cheerios General Mills Toasted o-shaped oats
Cheez Doodles Wise Foods Cheese flavoured snack
Cheezies W. T. Hawkins Cheese flavoured snack
Chex mix General Mills Snack crackers
Chiclet Mondelez Chewing gum
Chipsy PepsiCo Potato chips
Choco pie Orion Chocolate marshmallow cookie
Chocomel FrieslandCampina Chocolate drink
Christmas Seals American Lung Association Labels placed on mail during the festive season to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs
Chupa Chups Perfetti Van Melle Lollipop
Chyron ChyronHego Corporation On-Screen Graphics or Character Generator
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