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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
Cif Unilever Household cleaning product
Cigarette boat Cigarette Racing Go-fast boat
Cirque Guy Laliberte Modern circus
Claymation Aardman Plasticine animation
CliffsNotes Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Student student guide
Clorofina Bleach
Clorox Clorox Company Bleach
Cloudhopper Lindstrand Balloons Hopper balloon
Coffee Mate Nestlé Coffee whitener
Cola Softdrink
Coldspot Sears  Fridge
Coleman Stove Newell Brands Folding stove
Colgate Colgate-Palmolive Tooth paste
Colt Colt's Manufacturing Company Revolver
Comic con San Diego Comic-con International Comic book convention
Confort Kimberly-clark Toilet paper
Connollising Connolly Leather Automobile leather restoration
Cool Whip Kraft Foods Pre-whipped cream topping
Cordtex Orica Limited Detonation cord
Coroplast Coroplast LLC Corrugated plastic
Crayola Crayolas Wax pastel
Crescent wrench Adjustable spanner
Crocin Pain killer
Crock-Pot Sunbeam Products Slow cooker
Cruesli Quaker Breakfast cereal consisting of rolled oats, nuts, and fruit
Cuisinart Conair Food processor
Cultipacker C.G. Dunham Company Farm equipment
Cup Noodles Nissin Foods Noodles
Curita Curitas Adhesive bandage
Cutex Cutex Brands Inc. Nail polish
D&D Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Role playing game
Dalda Unilever Vegetable oil
Dark 'n' Stormy Gosling Brothers Rum cocktail
Davenport A. H. Davenport and Company Sofa
DayGlo RPM International Daylight fluorescent pigment
Decora Leviton Rocker light switch
Dekatron Ericsson Telephones Limited Cathode tube
Demerol Pfizer Pain Killer
Derny Derny motorized bicycle used to set the pace in racing events
Dettol Topical antiseptic
Dictaphone Nuance Communications Dictation machine
Digi-pak AGI-Shorewood Group Cardboard box holding DVDs
Digitron Digitron Pocket calculator
Dinky Toys Meccano Ltd miniature vehicles
Dirt Devil Techtronic Industries Handheld vacuum cleaner
Discman Sony Portable CD player
Disk On Key M-Systems USB Flash Drive
Ditto Machine Ditto Corporation Spirit duplicator
Dixi TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitärsysteme Portable toilet
Dixie cup American Can Company Disposable cups
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