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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
Gatso Sensys Gatso Speed camera
Gib board Winstone Wallboards Plasterboard
Girl Scouts Girl Scouts of the USA Girl youth movement
Glad Wrap Glad Cling-film
Go-Kart Mini racing cars
Godrej Cupboard
Goodyear Goodyear Tyre
Gramophone Gramophone Company Record player
Granola ? Oats and fruit breakfast
Green Egg Green Egg Ceramic barbecue
Green Stuff Kneadatite Binary putty
Gummy Bear Haribo Sweet
Gyproc Saint-Gobain Plasterboard
Gypsy 4x4
Hacky Sack Wham-O Footbag
Halls Warner-Lambert Company Cough suppressent tablet
Hammond Organ Hammond Organ
Handy Motorola Cell phone
Hansom cab Hansom Cab Company Horse-drawn carriage
Harmonic drive Harmonic Drive Company Strain wave gearing
Havaianas Alpargatas Flip flops
HEPA filter United States government Air filter
Heroin Bayer Hard drug
Hi-Lex Hi-Lex Corporation Bleach
Hi-liter Avery Dennison Corporation Highlighting marker
Hills Hoist Hills Industries Rotary clothes line
HMT Government of India Clock
Hoover Hoover Company Vacuum cleaner
Hoovercraft Christopher Cockerell Air cushion vehicle
Inbus Bauer und Schaurte Hex key
Indomie Indofood Instant noodle
iPhone Apple Smartphone
Iron lung Mechanical respiratory device
Isomo Isolation material
Jaffa Hartwall Company Soft drink
Jake brake Jacobs Vehicle Systems Compression release engine brake
Javel Bleach
Javex Clorox Company Bleach
Jaws of life Hurst Hydraulic rescue tool
JCB J. C. Bamford Backhoe loader
Jeep Chrysler Compact sport utility vehicle
Jell-O Kraft Foods Gelatin dessert or Jelly
Jenga Leslie Scott Tower block game
Jet Ski Kawasaki Water scooter
Jetway JBT AeroTech Passenger boarding bridge
Jiffy bag Sealed Air Padded mailing envelopes
Jockey Shorts Coopers Men's underwear
Jubilee clip British Royal Navy Hose clamp
JumboTron Sony Large-screen television
Jungle gym ?? Play structure
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