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The following brands and trademarks could be considered as "generic trademarks".
Title Owner Description
Odol ?? Tooth paste
Okada Okada Air Motorbike taxi
Old Monk Rum
Olfa Olfa Utility knife
Omfed Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Milk
Oreo Mondelez International Dark cookie
Otter pops National Pax Frozen treats filled with a fruit-flavored liquid
Ouija Board Parker Brothers Board with letters and numbers, used to get answer to questions during a seance
Pablum Mead Johnson Company Soft cereal for infants
Palm Pilot Palm Personal Digital Assistant
Pampers Procter & Gamble Diapers
Panadol GlaxoSmithKline Paracetamol
Parachute Coconut oil
Parcheesi Parker Brothers Board game
Parle G Glucose Biscuit
Pattex Henkel Glue
Paytm Karo Mobile Wallets
Pentel Pentel Marker pen
Peppadew Peppadew International Spicy pepper
Pernod Pernod Ricard SA Alcoholic beverage
Phoropter Reichert Technologies Eye test device
Phos-Chek Phos-Chek Fire retardant, used by firefighting aircraft
Photostat Photostat Photocopier
Pilates Joseph Pilates Physical excercise system
Pilsner Pilsner Urquell Beer
Plasticine Flair Leisure Products plc Modelling clay
Play-Doh Kutol Products Company - Hasbro Modelling material
Pogo ConAgra Foods Corn dog
Polaroid Polaroid Instant photocamera
Pop rivet Stanley Black & Decker Rivet
Pop Tart Kellogg Company Toaster pastry
Popsicle Good Humor-Breyers Piece of flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick
Porta-potty Thetford Portable toilet
Portainer Paceco Corporation Portal crane
Portakabin Portakabin Ltd Demountable building
Pot Noodle Unilever Instant noodles
Primacord Orica Limited Detonation cord
Primus Stove Primus Pressurized-burner stove
Pritt Henkel Glue stick
Private line Motorola Dedicated telephone line
Purell GOJO Industries Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial gel
Purikura Print Club (purinto-kurabu) Photobooths
Putt-Putt golf Putt-Putt Fun Center Miniature golf
Pyrex Corning Glass Works Heat-resistant glass
Q-tips Unilever Cotton swabs
Quadrupel De Koningshoeven Brewery Type of strong beer
Quorn Marlow Foods Vegetarian meat alternative
Raisin bran Skinner Manufacturing Company Breakfast cereal
Raleigh Raleigh Bike
Ranja Ranja drinks Syrup to make lemonade
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