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Analysing whether a certain trademark has become a genericised trademark is incredibly difficult.

One of the ways to help this analysis, is media usage. How is the brand name used in different media?

Link to newspapers

Today we added a new possibility to our website. It is now possible to link a trademark in our database to a mention in a newspaper. Look on the entry page "Astroturf" for an example (box on the top right).

The first round of media references will be mainly based on The Economist (we already had a subscription on this media outlet). In the next rounds, other media organisations will be added.

Use as an expression

In looking for this media usage, we give priority to situations where the trademark is used in an expression. This way we found beatiful cases like:

They funneled a fortune into an astroturf movement (link)

The aspirin theory of university finance. (link)

An unpaved track that locals call the “trampoline of death” (link)

Open questions

We are currently assessing what media organisations we should add. Should we continue with the "quality newspapers" like The New York Times, Le Monde, or should we also include tabloid journalism like The Sun? What do you think?