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The following brands and trademarks could be considered as "generic trademarks".
Title Owner Description
Elsan Canal and River Trust Portable toilet
Eskimo Pie Nestlé Vanilla ice cream bar covered in chocolate
Esky Coleman Cooler
FedEx FedEx Overnight Mail
Fiberglas du Pont Glass fiber
Filofax FLB Group Ltd Personal organizer
Fisher-Porter tube ABB Lab equipment
Fitbit Google Activity tracker
Fix-A-Flat Illinois Tool Works Canned tire inflator
Fla-Vor-Ice Frozen treat; sold in a plastic tube
Fleshlight Fleshlight Male sex toy
Flit Insecticide spray
Formica Formica Group Laminated composite material
Frappuccino Starbucks A blended coffee beverage
French press Attilio Calimani & Giulio Moneta Coffee plunger
Freon DuPont Chemical Dichlorodifluoromethane
Fridgedaire Electrolux Fridge
Frigidaire ?? Fridge
Frooti Parle Agro India Mango drink
Gala ?? Beef snack
Ganesh Ganesh Oil Mill Mustard oil
Gatorade The Gatorade Company Nutrition supplement drink
Gatso Sensys Gatso Speed camera
Gib board Winstone Wallboards Plasterboard
Glad Wrap Glad Cling-film
Go-Kart Mini racing cars
Granola ? Oats and fruit breakfast
Green Egg Green Egg Ceramic barbecue
Gummy Bear Haribo Sweet
Gyproc Saint-Gobain Plasterboard
Hacky Sack Wham-O Footbag
Halls Warner-Lambert Company Cough suppressent tablet
Hansom cab Hansom Cab Company Horse-drawn carriage
HEPA filter United States government Air filter
Heroin Bayer Hard drug
Hi-liter Avery Dennison Corporation Highlighting marker
Hills Hoist Hills Industries Rotary clothes line
HMT Government of India Clock
Hoover Hoover Company Vacuum cleaner
Inbus Bauer und Schaurte Hex key
Indomie Indofood Instant noodle
iPhone Apple Smartphone
Iron lung Mechanical respiratory device
Isomo Isolation material
Jake brake Jacobs Vehicle Systems Compression release engine brake
Javel Bleach
Javex Clorox Company Bleach
Jaws of life Hurst Hydraulic rescue tool
JCB J. C. Bamford Backhoe loader
Jeep Chrysler Compact sport utility vehicle
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