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The following brands and trademarks could be considered as "generic trademarks".
Title Owner Description
Portakabin Portakabin Ltd Demountable building
Pot Noodle Unilever Instant noodles
Primacord Orica Limited Detonation cord
Primus Stove Primus Pressurized-burner stove
Pritt Henkel Glue stick
Private line Motorola Dedicated telephone line
Purell GOJO Industries Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial gel
Putt-Putt golf Putt-Putt Fun Center Miniature golf
Pyrex Corning Glass Works Heat-resistant glass
Q-tips Unilever Cotton swabs
Quadrupel De Koningshoeven Brewery Type of strong beer
Quorn Marlow Foods Vegetarian meat alternative
Raisin bran Skinner Manufacturing Company Breakfast cereal
Raleigh Raleigh Bike
Ranja Ranja drinks Syrup to make lemonade
Realtor National Association of Realtors Real estate agent
Ricard Pernod Ricard SA Alcoholic beverage
Rimmel Rimmel eyelash
Ringfeder Ringfeder Bolt coupling device
Rizla Lacroix Rolling Paper company Cigarette rolling paper
Rocola Rock-Ola Jukebox
Rollerblade Nordica Inline skates
Rolodex Zephyr American Personal organiser
Romex Southwire Thermoplastic sheathed cable
Rugby Bostik Philippines Inc. Rubber cement
Saltine Nabisco Snack crackers
Sanita Sanitas Aluminium foil
Saran wrap Dow Chemical Plastic food storage wrap
Sawzall Milwaukee Electric Tool Reciprocating saw
Scalextric Hornby Railways Slot car
Scooty ?? Two wheeler without gear
Scotch tape 3M Clear adhesive tape
Sea-Doo Bombardier Recreational Products Sit-down personal watercraft
Sellotape Henkel Clear adhesive tape
Semtex Explosiva Explosive
Shredded Wheat Nabisco Breakfast cereal
SimCity Electronic Arts City Building Game
Singer Singer Sewing machine
Skai Konrad Hornschuch Artificial leather
Ski-Doo Bombardier Recreational Products Snowmobile
Skype Microsoft Video communication tool
Snowcat Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation Snow vehicle
Softail Harley-Davidson Motorcycle suspension
Solex Vélosolex S.I.F.A.C. Powered bicycle
Spa Spadel sa Water
Spackle ?? Quick-drying material for patching plasterwork
Spam Hormel Foods Corporation Smoked pork and ham luncheon loaf
Spandex DuPont Elastane
Speedo Speedo Swimsuit
Spezi Brauhaus Riegele Coke and orange mix
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