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The following brands and trademarks could, in certain regions, languages and cultures, be considered as generic trademarks. Please read the disclaimer and FAQ before consulting the list.
Title Owner Description
K-way K-Way Raincoat
Kalodont F. A. Sarg’s Sohn & Co Toothpaste
Kapton DuPont Plastic film
Kayfabe World Wrestling Federation Staged events in professional wrestling
Kerosene Abraham Gesner Heavy fuel
Keurig Coffee machine
Kevlar DuPont Synthetic fibre of high tensile strength
Kiko Kikos Fried snack
Kinesio Tape Kenzo Kase Therapy tape
Kirtu Sexually implicit comics
Kitty Litter ?? Litter box
Kiwi Zespri Fruit type
Klaxon Klaxon Signals Electrical horn
Kliko Kliko Wheelie bins
Kodak Kodak Photo camera
Kofola Coca-Cola Company Soft drink
Koki ?? Marker pen
Konark Konark Television Ltd Television set
Kool-Aid Kraft Foods Powder that is added to waterto make a fruit-flavoured soft drink
Koozie Kustom Koozies Sleeve to insulate a beverage container
Kraft Dinner Kraft Foods Packaged dry macaroni and cheese
Kreepy Krauly Pentair Pool vacuum cleaner
Kruimeldief Black & Decker Cordless vacuum cleaner
Kubotan Sōke Takayuki Kubota Self-defense keychain weapon
La vache qui rit Fromageries Bel Cheese spread
La-z-boy La-Z-Boy Inc. Lazy couch
Labello Beiersdorf Lip balm
Lanolin ?? Fatty substance made from wool
Laundromat Westinghouse Electric Launderette
Lava lamp Mathmos Liquid motion lamp
Laxman Ant eater pencil
Lazyboy La-z-boy Recliner sofa
Learjet Bombardier Aerospace Business jet
Letraset Winsor & Newton Typeface
Lexan SABIC Polycarbonate resin thermoplastic glass
Life Savers Wrigley Candy
Linoleum Frederick Walton Floor covering, originally with linseed oil
Lipton Unilever Tea
Listerine Warner-Lambert Company Antiseptic mouthwash
Luxaflex Hunter Douglas Window blind
Mace Mace Security International Self-defense spray
Maclean GlaxoSmithKline Toothpaste
Maggi Nestlé Bouillon cube
Magic Marker Magic Marker Marker pen
Mah-jongg Joseph P. Babcock Tile based game
Maizena Unilever Cornflour
Majikku inki Uchida Yoko Permanent markers
Malthoid The Paraffine Paint Co. Roofing material
Manitou Manitou Forklift
MapReduce Google Inc Big data algoritm
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