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The following brands and trademarks could be considered as "generic trademarks".
Title Owner Description
Spinning Mad Dogg Athletics Indoor cycling class, led by an instructor
Squatty potty Squatty Potty, LLC Toilet stool
Stanley Knife Stanley Black & Decker Utility knife
Stelvin closure Rio Tinto Alcan Screw cap
Stetson John B. Stetson Company Cowboy hat
Styrofoam Dow Chemical Company Extruded polystyrene foam
Sunlight Unilever Soap
Super Glue Super Glue Corporation Glue
Super Soaker Hasbro Toy water gun
Tabasco Tabasco Hot sauce
Tannerite Daniel Tanner Mixing explosive
Tannoy Tannoy Ltd. Public address systems
Targa top Porsche Semi-convertible hard roof panel
Tarmac Tarmac Asphalt road surface
Taser Taser Systems Taser International Electroshock weapon
Tater tots Heinz Frozen shredded potatoes
Tectyl Valvoline Chemical to protect metal from corrosion
Telepromter TelePrompTer Company Telepromter
Telgopor Telgopor Expanded polystyrene
Tempo Tempo Tissues
Tensoplast BSN medical Adhesive bandage
Terrapin Terrapin Ltd Demountable building
Tesa Tesa Adhesive tape
Thermos Thermos LLC Device to keep liquids warm or cold
Tiffany Tiffany Diamond ring design
Tipp-Ex Tipp-Ex GmbH & Co. KG Typographical correction fluid
Tivo Tivo Digital Recorder
Tivoli Tivoli A/S Amusement park
Tomtom Tomtom GPS Device
Torx Camcar Textron Star screwdriver
Trespa Trespa International BV Laminate construction plate
TV Dinner C.A. Swanson & Sons Microwave meal
Twizzlers Hershey Foods Corporation Fruit-twist candy
Ty-Rap Thomas & Betts Fastener
Tylenol Johnson & Johnson Pain drug
Uber Uber Ridesharing app
Uhu UHU Glue
Ujala Jyothy Labs Ltd Washing powder
Vaporub Vicks Chest rub
Vaseline Unilever Petroleum jelly; petrolatum
VegeBurger Gregory Sams Meatless burger patty
Velpon Ceta-Bever Glue
VHS JVC Video cassette
Vicks Procter & Gamble Nasal decongestant rub
WaveRunner Yamaha Motor Company Personal water craft
Weetabix Weetabix Limited Wheat bisk
Wells light A. C. Wells & Co. Kerosene lamp
Wetransfer Wetransfer Online file sharing
White Claw Mark Anthony Brands Hard seltzer alcoholic beverage
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