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The following brands and trademarks could be considered as "generic trademarks".
Title Owner Description
Winchester Winchester Repeating Arms Lever-action rifle
Windbreaker John Rissman company Outdoor jacket
Windex SC Johnson Window Cleaner
Winnebago Winnebago Industries Recreational vehicle
Wite-out BIC Corporation Typographical correction fluid
X-Acto Elmer's Products, Inc Utility knife
xe lam Lambretta tuk-tuk
Yo-Yo Dunkan Toys Toy made of a disk and a cord
Zamboni Zamboni Company Ice resurfacer
Zeppelin Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Rigid airship
Zimmer frame Zimmer Holdings Walking frame
Ziploc S. C. Johnson Storage bag
Zipper B.F. Goodrich Zip fastener
Zodiac Zodiac Nautic Small flexible boat
Унитаз ?? Flush toilet
Фломастер ?? Felt-tip pen
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