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Genericide is somethings described as brands being destroyed by their own success.

Several brands haven been very succesfull during the Corona crisis. Are they risking "to be destroyed"? Let us find out


Let us look into a first example, zoom, an online videoconferencing tool. The use has skyrocketed despite some privacy concerns, and many people and families are setting up "zoom calls". There is the concept of zoombombing, in which an intruder joins an ongoing call to wreak havoc.

An older example is skype, a similar videoconferencing service.

We did an online survey to analyse the impact of the crisis. Most people use the different terms (zoom/skype/videocall) interchangeably. They can talk about a skype call, but start this in zoom or any other video call service (Whatsapp for instance). As such we believe these brands in high risk of becoming generic.


The current crisis is also a health crisis. We are currently investigating if there are drugs or healthcare solutions that are also risking to become generic. Do you have input? Let it know in the comments below.