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Annual report 2019

Every year we want to share with you the status of our website.

In 2019 we added 20 brands to our genericide list. This brings the total to 400 entries.

The genericide list only existed in offline form. In 2019, a website was set up to host the information online. 50 brands were put online. The remaining brands will be uploaded beginning 2020.

We only received a very limited amount of visitors on our new website. We will work to increase the number of visitors in the coming year.

Changelog 2019-08-16

The website has been up and running for some weeks now. We are struggling to clean and import the existing brand data. Even worse, during the process we corrupted parts of the data.

As a result, we temporarily removed all the brands on the website. We will verify them one by one and get them back online in the coming weeks/months.